ARoS presents Per Kirkeby. The Collection exhibition

. January 13, 2013

ARoS presents Per Kirkeby. The Collection, an exhibition on view March 31st 2013.

Tidens Kvinder, Per Kirkeby, 1964

Per Kirkeby is one of the artists best represented in the ARoS collection. His work is now being shown in its full range – from the Pop Art pictures of the 1960s, watercolours from Greenland and monotypes to the later large-scale paintings. Per Kirkeby is an artist in great demand, and requests for his works for major exhibitions come in from all over the world. In recent years alone, ARoS has loaned major works by Per Kirkeby to exhibitions in Athens, Brussels, Duisburg and Washington in addition to various exhibitions here in Denmark, most recently one in Ordrupgaard. So we feel that guests to the museum should be given the chance to see an exhibition of major works from our own Per Kirkeby collection.

The exhibition is built up around five galleries, each focusing on various aspects of the manner in which Per Kirkeby expresses himself. The first gallery is devoted to the early Pop Art works from the 1960s, characterised by the use of silhouette figures, the intervening fence motif, the house and the cave; the dimensions of these works were most frequently 122 x 122 cm. This gallery also presents two recent additions to the collection. Per Kirkeby has experimented a great deal in his work, and in a side gallery there is an exhibition of drawings, daubs, collages and painted cuttings from weekly magazines. The next gallery is dominated by the great monotypes from 1991, which are unique works produced by means of a special printing technique and treatment. Kirkeby, who was originally trained as a geologist, has taken part in several expeditions to Greenland, something that has left its mark on his art. His Greenland motifs are exhibited in a special gallery. The fifth gallery is the large one in which Per Kirkeby’s intense, powerful paintings such as Nach der Abnahme and Cossus Ligniperda are presented. –

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