Bruce Munro to exhibit works at Waddesdon Manor

. November 7, 2012

Bruce Munro has been commissioned to create two new works for Waddesdon Manor, Blue Moon on a Platter and Angel of Light for the Christmas season, with further commissions for the Gardens and Coach House coming in 2013/2014.

Bruce Munro

Blue Moon on a Platter will be made of thousands of CDs pinned to the undulating banks of the amphitheatre, which measures 28 meters across. In the centre, a ‘Moon’ measuring 1.5m in diameter will contain 150 spheres containing coiled optic fibres within them. The ‘Moon’ glows with blue light, which is passed along the fibre optics via a metal halide projector, and the ‘moonlight’ will be refracted and glitter across the CDs spreading in a carpet around it. Angel of Light will be created by laying out approximately 50,000 CDs in a very precise circle across the North Front, the circle dissecting each avenue, so you will literally be able to walk through this sculpture. –

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