Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB Presents Gonzalo Puch UNA JORNADA SIN NUBES Exhibition

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Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB presents Gonzalo Puch UNA JORNADA SIN NUBES an exhibition on view 15 January 2012.

He is one of the Spanish artists who has contributed the most to the full integration of photography in current art, Gonzalo Puch’s work (Seville, 1951) articulates his work on a singular presentation of mental processes that deepen in the artist’s relationship with his individual and social reality and, solely, with his natural environment.

“Nature is possible for us thanks to the range of relationships that can be established with it, this way nature and culture can not exist separately”. These words successfully convey the sense and meaning of “Una jornada sin nubes”, Puch’s proposal for the Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos, CAB for this last term of 2011. Drawings, photographs, installation, video… The artist’s objective is to present a work in which nature is the background where everything takes place, as in previous projects,

This artist, a natural from Seville, who devoted the beginning of his career to sculpture and abstract painting has consecrated the last two years to combining drawing and photography through a process in which he first takes pictures of his drawings and later mixes them digitally with photographs. These “photographed drawings”—varied elements that are juxtaposed in certain situations that he captures with his camera and finally combines and adapts—are part of the exhibition and are the central part of the current exhibition “Un día sin nubes”, formed by the cuttings of these drawings freed from the rectangular sheet in which they were created.

The video, corresponding to the artist’s photography period, was also created as a collage of sequences that is related to the drawings in a sort of endless sequence, at the end of which some pictures show the process of such a personal creative march. In “Una jornada sin nubes” there are also some objects strengthening the idea of art and life.

Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB
C/ Saldaña s/n
09003 Burgos, Spain

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