Cincinnati Museum Center opens new permanent exhibit

. March 25, 2017

Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) has announced the opening of KidSPACE, a new interactive gallery in the Duke Energy Children’s Museum where creation and education happen at your fingertips. KidSPACE opens March 27.

Understanding the growing importance of STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics) education, CMC has designed a new, interactive addition to the Duke Energy Children’s Museum. KidSPACE will encourage innovative thinking and improve problem-solving development through Science, Play, Art, Creativity and Exploration.

Geared toward children ages 3-10 and their families, the new gallery will help kids confront challenges and opportunities in today’s world. It aims to stimulate children to develop a positive attitude towards a wide range of learning tactics in a way that encourages invention through hands-on activities. From free range exploration, to planned workshops and design challenges, KidSPACE offers a wide variety of learning opportunities, both individually and in groups. The gallery will host several scheduled programs but will also be available for individual exploration during museum hours.
KidSPACE interior rendering

Participants will be able to explore five different “zones”: a wet zone where children are free to create masterpieces through painting, screen printing and ceramics; a textile zone for weaving and sewing; a light and dark zone for shadow play; an assembly zone where children can build and construct; and a high tech zone for experimenting with computers and 3D printing.

Offering a diverse range of activities for engaged, interactive learning, the gallery will provide an unforgettable experience, increasing involvement in STEAM education and helping to inspire curiosity in young creators.

For a complete list of KidSPACE programs and for more information, visit

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