Center for Art and Thought (CA+T) Food Worlds Exhibition

. January 18, 2014

The Center for Art and Thought (CA+T), a web-based arts and education nonprofit organization, announces a call for submissions to its next virtual curated exhibition, Food Worlds. The exhibition is expected to premier in April 2014 on CA+T’s website (

Food Worlds welcomes artistic and intellectual contributions that consider the foods Filipinos grow, eat, gather around, take with them to new places, remember and forget. We are interested in submissions responding to any of the following questions and beyond:

• How does food ground, enable or destabilize Filipino identities? Which foods are central to those identities and how? How are foods connected to gendered identities?

• How do foods travel as part of the labor diaspora? How do they change to accommodate missing ingredients? How do receiving cultures (not) incorporate Filipino influence? When/how do Filipino neighborhoods and stores emerge? Under what conditions? In what kinds of spaces? To what response?

• What are the historical determinants and legacies of Filipino foods? For example, how did the galleon trade between Manila and Acapulco impact food cultures in both the Philippines and Mexico? What does the association between various foods and ethnic identities (the Chinese and street food, Spanishness and Christmas food) reveal of the Philippines’ histories of colonial occupation and global interaction?

• What does “slow food” mean in different locations and cultures? How does the work of the late and great food studies scholar-critic Doreen Fernandez help us to understand and appreciate “slow food” in the Philippine and Filipino diasporic contexts?

• How do Filipino recipes circulate? When and how do Filipino restaurants open? What do Filipinos and non-Filipinos talk about when they discuss Filipino food? Haute cuisine? “Street” or “peasant” food? Home-cooked food? Where and how do people talk about Filipino food? In food magazine features? Blogs? When and why do non-Filipinos cook Filipino dishes?

• How does large-scale agriculture, on the colonial plantation or the multinational agricorp, change the landscape and eating habits of Filipinos? How do histories of coffee, rice, sugar and manioc cultivation connect or distinguish the Philippines from other colonial sites?

We welcome submissions from a range of perspectives and across media. CA+T’s virtual platform can accommodate digital images, sound files, film and video, creative and scholarly prose and poetry, PDFs, and more. The deadline for submissions has been extended to February 14, 2014.

For more information on submissions, please visit

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