Fossil Exhibits International LLC Relocates

. December 3, 2011 . 0 Comments

In order to accommodate its new trade show clients and flourishing business, Fossil Exhibits International LLC is relocating its warehouse and office to a larger facility in northwest Houston. The new facility is located at 5153 Blalock Road and will house the company’s exhibit warehousing, production, and will accommodate the current staff and enable further expansion for future growth.

Fossil has experienced rapid growth and success since it opened 2 years ago. The company provides trade show displays and program management for corporate customers on a global basis and contrary to the uncertainty in some sectors of the economy; Fossil’s clients thrive and continue to increase their participation in trade shows. The company relocation represents a 300 percent growth from the previous space it had occupied.

“We are very excited about the new location,” said Fossil President, Tom Luikens. “With this move, Fossil will gain efficiency and be positioned to take advantage of the many new opportunities that are being presented to us.”

About Fossil
Fossil Exhibits International LLC is a trade show display & service company that creates selling environments worldwide for business to business exhibitors on the trade show floor. They provide professional management of client properties from concept thru show completion to include design, fabrication, storage, and coordination of services.

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