FRITZ HENLE Photographs Exhibition

. April 28, 2017

THROCKMORTON FINE ART presents an exhibition of photographs by the German-born 20th century photographer, FRITZ HENLE, at its New York gallery from April 27 – June 24, 2017.

Visitors to the Throckmorton exhibition will see vintage and modern prints that feature a broad range of Henle’s subjects, including images of New York City, Mexico, China and Paris; fashion; nudes; industry; and portraits of famous personalities. Henle liked exploring different genres of photography, and was well known for his travel and fashion photographs as well as portraits and documentary images.

With Germany’s situation worsening by 1936, Henle embarked for America, first spending several months in Mexico to obtain a visa. He wound up socializing with some of the key personalities working there including Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Jose Clemente Orozco and Carlos Chavez. But he also captured images of the simple workers and campesinos as he moved around the country.

Once Henle got to New York he became one of the earliest contributors to LIFE magazine, in 1937, which published more than 50 picture stories and five covers by Henle. New York was where he could make the most of his photojournalist vision as well as develop his skills producing commercial images for the great fashion publications of the time, such as HOLIDAY, TOWN & COUNTRY, ELLE, MADEMOISELLE and HARPER’S BAZAAR. His fashion photographs won tremendous praise for innovation by taking models out of the studio and photographing them in more natural settings outdoors.

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