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The GOTEBORG INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL FOR CONTEMPORARY ART is open 10 september – 13 november 2011.

The Gothenburg Museum of Art is one of several venues for Göteborgs International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2011. Sarat Maharaj is chief curator and the theme is Pandemonium: Art in a Time of ‘Creativity Fever’. Sarat Maharaj works in a curatorial team consisting of Dorothee Albrecht, Stina Edblom and Gertrud Sandqvist.

Artist at Gothenburg Museum of Art / Stenasalen – Chen Chieh-jen (Vietnam)

Chen Chieh-jen’s film installations are both documentary and fictive portrayals of the closed borders and silenced stories of our globalised world. In Empire’s Borders II–Western Enterprises, Inc, Chen Chieh-jen returns to his father’s life as a secret soldier in the commando group Western Enterprises, which was created by the American CIA in Taiwan with the purpose of invading China during the Cold War in the 1950s. This is one of the many anonymous dramas that took place in the shadow of the geopolitical constellation of Taiwan – China – USA.

Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art is organised by Röda Sten Art Centre, and is financed mainly by the City of Göteborg’s Cultural Affairs committee, Region Västra Götaland and The Swedish Arts Council.

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