Hionas Gallery Announces Warwick Saint. Body Of Work Exhibition

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Hionas Gallery presents Warwick Saint. Body Of Work an exhibition on view on view from December 1st through December 30th. There will be an opening reception for the artist from 6:00 to 8:00pm on Wednesday, November 30th.

Warwick Saint Geisha 2008, Photograph, Hionas Gallery

This will be the very first solo exhibition from one of the style & fashion world’s most sought-after photographers. For this show, Saint and gallery owner Peter Hionas have carefully compiled a selection of twenty photographs from the artist’s recent work with tattooed models, artists and other acquaintances. The resulting collection – provocative, sultry and noir all at once – is both indicative of Saint’s extensive work with nudes and starlets, and something of a departure from his oeuvre, revealing a more in-depth narrative with his subjects.

A partial nude ascends a shadowy staircase, every inch of her shoulders, back and thighs covered with tattoos; a seductive blonde stands in mid turn, most likely toward our gaze, holding a glistening six-shooter in one hand, with a desolate junkyard as the backdrop. In these portraits and others, such as Night Hotel, in which Saint’s lovely subject grasps a drink and cigarette while lying prone on a white leather sofa, a story is being told that is for the viewer to decide, even inhabit if they’re so daring.

While many photos of movie stars or models can feel fleeting, given the subjects’ built-in celebrity and all that entails, Saint captures a permanence with these women that is unmistakable. Each tattooed model he photographs is a living and breathing work of art, with flesh as canvas. Whether their body art is a coat of armor, spiritual decoration or something else altogether, the artist’s lens performs a balancing act each time: “I’m giving them a character, a part to play in the photo shoot,” says Saint of his subjects. “There’s a sensuality I wanted to bring out…but I’m always respectful of the fact that they are both woman and canvas.”

In Body Of Work, as with all of the artist’s work, the viewer is no mere voyeur. For Saint, beautiful women who bear equally beautiful body art is worthy of portraiture that invites us in, to view their story and find some element within that strikes a chord. However, Saint insists that any symbolism of particular tattoos or these women’s respective motives for each work is not an element of this collection. “For me it’s about showing these women in a certain light,” he continues, “to elevate them, make them beautiful without judgment.”

A collection of videos and other background information on Saint and this exhibition can be found at www.bodyofworkshow.com

Hionas Gallery
89 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013
T: (212) 274-9003

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