ICA Present Sonic Futures Exhibition

. March 10, 2017

Through sound, music, and video, Sonic Futures envisions new possibilities for the next century. Artists in the show propose innovative ways to navigate our world, and hypothetically, other worlds and galaxies.

Laura Hyunjhee Kim, still from LOVE NETWORKS LOVE, 2017, Courtesy of the Artist

Through remixing and reinterpreting history, considering access and privilege, and questioning forms of communication, artists in Sonic Futures present alternatives to the status quo. The work encourages the viewer to participate through song and dance. Artists and collectives in the show include Sofía Córdova (Oakland); INVASORIX (Mexico City); Jeepneys (Los Angeles); Laura Hyunjhee Kim (San Francisco); Keith Lafuente (New York); Merritt Wallace (Oakland) and Jenifer Wofford (San Francisco).

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More information: http://www.sjica.org

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