International Toxicology Summit & Expo

. November 1, 2012

Toxioclogy-2012, a conference based on toxicology study, aims to enhance the understanding of scholars towards the emerging challenges in the maturing area of toxicology, by creating visibility through valuable converse of distinguished speakers. Toxicology summit is a forum to unite, educate, and motivate every attendee towards advancement of this field.

Hosted by OMICS Group and sponsored by Thieme Publishers, the conference will bring together diverse perspectives on toxicity while providing a platform for emerging pharmaceutical companies, entrepreneurs, and investors to connect and take action.

Some of the leading researchers in the field will participate, among them M. Michael Swindle, Professor and Chairman for Department of Comparative Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina USA who will present on Swine in toxicology research; Daniel N Weber, Senior Scientist and Manager of the Neurobehavioral Toxicology Facility, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA who will present behavioral toxicity; Noreen Khan Mayberry, Science and Aeronautics Research Directorate NASA, USA who will share on Nutritional toxicology; Rajat Sethi, Assistant Dean at the Texas A&M Health Science Center- College of Nursing, USA who will present Ozone-Induced Cardiac Toxicity.

OMICS Group invites all the participants from the globe to join at Toxicology-2012 to share the major concern related to toxicology and to imbibe knowledge associated to scientific discoveries in Toxicology.

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