IPX Russia Exhibition to Present High Technologies and State-of-the-Art Equipment for the Pulp-and-Paper Industry

. August 15, 2012

The exhibition is anticipated to receive the active support of RAO Bumprom. Exhibition organisers: RESTEC® Exhibition Company and AdForum AB, the world leader in the organisation of international exhibitions concerning the pulp-and-paper industry (such as PulPaper, SPCI, China Paper, and IPX India).

IPX Russia is intended to facilitate the introduction of advanced technologies and standards, an increase in the sales volume of Russian manufacturers of equipment and technologies, the formation of an open and up-to-date Russian market for pulp-and-paper products, and the establishment of interregional and intersectoral ties and direct dialogue between all industry participants.

Exhibition topics will cover the entire production cycle of pulp-and-paper products: waste recycling, marketing, as well as consulting, financial and engineering services. The exhibition welcomes top managers and technical specialists in the pulp-and-paper industry and the forestry complex, federal and regional authorities from Russia and foreign countries, professional associations and industrial unions.

At present, the investment climate in Russia is attractive for large projects in the pulp-and-paper industry. The list of priority investment projects includes 99 projects totalling RUB 411.8 billion in contracted investments and a volume of processed raw materials amounting to 72.0 million m3. Plans for the next five years envision the implementation of 47 priority investment projects, encompassing a total investment amount of RUB 273 bln and a volume of consumed wood reaching 43 mln m3. Priority projects for the forest-industry complex encompass the establishment of pulp-and-paper mills.

A low technological level of production, a high wear rate of the core industrial production assets and absence of advanced wood-processing facilities in many regions of Russia stipulate the need of the Russian pulp-and-paper industry in a professional event dedicated to high technologies and up-to-date equipment for the pulp-and-paper industry.

The best venue to hold IPX Russia seems to be the capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow, which concentrates the economic, financial, research and industrial potentials of Russia. As a rule, it is the specialised (industrial) exhibitions held in Moscow that gather the maximum number of professional visitors from the regions of Russia.

A saturated business program of the exhibition, organised together with RAO Bumprom, will contribute to attraction of leading experts and top managers, representatives of administrative bodies and industrial science and discussion of the most pressing issues of the industry within the framework of specialised conferences, a cycle of round tables and presentations of companies.

Cooperation of the leading operators of the exhibition market – AdForum AB, an organiser of international exhibitions on the subjects of the pulp-and-paper industry (PulPaper, SPCI, China Paper, IPX India) and RESTEC® Exhibition Company, an organiser of the largest events on the subjects of the forest-industry complex in Russia – will ensure the top level of the event to be held. The exhibition is to be promoted with a multimedia advertising campaign, including a cycle of publications in the industrial and commercial press, a campaign in the Internet, a call-centre, a direct mailing of invitations, regular discussions, surveys and interviews in the Forest Club, the first social network of the forest-industry complex in Russia.

IPX Russia is attended by the leading enterprises of the pulp-and-paper industry from Russia and foreign countries.

The visitors of the exhibition will be able to see technical and technological novelties for the pulp-and-paper industry, take part in conferences and round tables on the pressing issues of the industry within the framework of the saturated business program. The exhibition welcomes executives, technical specialists and equipment purchase managers from the regions of Russia, who can benefit from the buyer’s program especially organised for them.

IPX Russia is to be held jointly with the Bioenergy Russia International Specialised Conference and Exhibition – Technologies and Equipment for Production and Burning of Biofuel, which will allow specialists to see new prospects for the bioenergy potential of the forest sector.
The exhibition is officially supported by the Russian Association of Organisations and Enterprises of the Pulp-and-Paper Industry, RAO Bumprom, which welcomes the industrial enterprises to take part in the exhibition. According to RAO Bumprom, the exhibition subjects are quite pressing and meet the needs of the age. The business programme of the exhibition is expected to include participation of the Association experts.

RESTEC® Exhibition Company and AdForum, Stockholm, Sweden
To take part in the exhibition or receive additional information, please contact:
RESTEC exhibition Company, 12 Ul. Petrozavodskaya, Letter ‘A,’ St Petersburg, 197110

Russian Federation
Phone/fax: (812) 320-9684, 320-9694, fax: (812) 320-8090 Internet: www.ipxrussia.ru
Project Manager: Olga Igorevna Batsagina: email: woodsales1@restec.ru

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