Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Presents Peter Sarkisian Video Works Exhibition

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The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art presents Peter Sarkisian Video Works 1996-2008 on view through July 10, 2011.

Peter Sarkisian explores the spatial and perceptive possibilities of video, film, and sculpture through multi-media works that challenge our perceptions of reality and illusion. Organized by the University of Wyoming Museum of Art, the retrospective features signature works by the artist and conveys how he has considered and resolved various approaches to integrating video into temporal and spatial experiences. Trained as a filmmaker, Sarkisian became interested in the possibilities of the medium of video 15 years ago. Since then, he has created numerous works that re-contextualize video, the moving image, and the sculptural object. Highlights include Dusted (1998), a five-channel video work in which a 3 x 3 ft. opaque cube functions as a three-dimensional projection surface; Blue Boiling in a Pail (2003) from the Boiling series; the original Registered Driver (2004); Pounding Study (2004); and several works from the most recent series of rear projections on extruded, wall-mounted forms (Foreground Reversal, and Extruded Video Engine, Large Shape 1, Version 3, both 2007).

Image: The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

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