Laser Light Exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History

. November 19, 2011 . 0 Comments

Bright green waves of laser light will ripple across the Hayden Sphere at the American Museum of Natural History from 5 to 11 pm every evening until Sunday, November 27, to illustrate how the Hubble Space Telescope analyzes distant galaxies, quasars, and other celestial objects in the universe—and to mark the opening of Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration later this month.

The laser art, From the Distant Past, was created by German artist Tim Otto Roth in collaboration with astronomer Bob Fosbury, the former head of the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility. The installation resembles the squiggly line of an electrocardiogram. Behind the luminous pattern is a message: astronomical telescopes produce more than just beautiful pictures of the sky.

The laser installation can be best viewed from 81st Street, between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue.

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