Lucky Exhibits is Saving Exhibitors Time and Money

. August 8, 2013

Lucky Exhibits has been saving exhibitors lots of money on high quality used booths, and exhibits. Their options have been proven such a success with clients, that they have now recently expanded and opened up a show services department, which is far superior to the competition. The head of their show services department has been doing this now for ten years, and is able to expedite the processing of show forms in a very timely manner, while making sure that everything is filled out correctly, and exactly.

The fact that they are located in Las Vegas, near the convention centers, gives them a huge advantage over the competition. In addition, their head of show services personally know many of the people that run the tradeshows, the service desks, and are able to make sure that things happen on time, and don’t slip under the cracks. This is a very important issue, because if show service forms such as electrical, drayage, carpet forms, accessory forms, or booth layout forms are not properly filled out, then that can cause huge delays in having their booth set up, or cause penalties, or late fees. Often times other companies don’t have their booth set up on time, or even at all, simply because their forms were not sent in correctly, or on time.

In order to find out how Lucky Exhibits can save you money, time, or hassle with those show services forms, please contact them at: (800)707-6995, visit their website at:, or send them an email to: and remember to put show service forms in the subject line.

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