Made Exhibition in Milan

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The Made exhibition in Milan will be held from the 5th until the 8th of October, a four days devoted to architecture, design and construction.

Inside there is a large space dedicated to the new trends of green and those companies that are already marked by the development of environmental sustainability: in this context Ambrogio Robot, the automatic lawn mower, will participate.

Ambrogio Robot participates in Made 2011 as a partner of Nemeton Network, a reference point in the world of green architecture, green building and environmental sustainability. The primary goal of this collaboration is to develop eco-sustainability with facts, creating a dense web of interconnections between the world of production, that of the users and research through the promotion of those projects and environmentally friendly companies that are already actively working in this direction.

Ambrogio does not only protect the ecosystem of green gardens during their daily work, but it is also designed to operate in economy by reducing energy input of CO2 into the atmosphere, since it uses a electric battery, and through the use of chemical fertilizers, and the mulching effect of its rotating blades.

The Format of the three A of Nemeton (Agriculture, Alimentation, Architecture), which will have as a special guest Ambrogio, which is created to act as an interface between the world’s crop production and the possibilities of sustainable technological development. Specially made to increase the quality of the environment and therefore the quality of life.

A space dedicated to a green of 2000 square meters in which robots will be able to exhibit and at the same time develop a network of opportunities with respect to the planet and good living. The invitation to participate at the Made 2011 to see the small mower goes so far beyond the simple commercial boundaries, but rather highlights the desire to contribute to the creation of a true culture of the green.

Technology to improve human life

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi is a Gruppo Zucchetti company working in the robotics and automation sectors. It designs and manufactures products for commercial and consumer use.
The company is certified UNI EN ISO 9000 and has acquired the Italian quality brand CSQ and the international brand IQ-NET for programming, developing, supplying, installing and maintaining software.

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