Midland Center for the Arts Dinosaur Exhibition

. February 25, 2011 . 0 Comments

In a prehistoric first for American museums, the international exhibition, BIGGER THAN T. REX: GIANT KILLER DINOSAURS OF ARGENTINA, invades the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art!

Step into an ancient world where nothing looks like Earth as we know it! Here, you’ll witness the recently discovered “Twin Towers of Terror”: a 45-foot Giganotosaurus skeleton, and its companion 24-foot juvenile Mapusaurus skeleton. Other killer dinosaurs rear their fierce fossil heads in the exhibition – from T. rex to Allosaurus – but none can equal the deadly proportions of the Argentine super-giants!

Casts of Argentine dinosaur eggs
• The head and neck of the bizarre plant-eater Amargasaurus
• The largest bone in the world – the 5-foot-high vertebrae of Argentinosaurus. At 100 tons, it was the biggest animal ever to walk the Earth!

BIGGER THAN T. REX focuses on things old, things big and things with HUGE SCARY TEETH! It’s an event no dinosaur fan should miss!


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