National Museum of African Art opens African Cosmos. Stellar Arts

. June 20, 2012

The National Museum of African Art presents African Cosmos. Stellar Arts, an exhibition on view June 20-December 9, 2012 , showing how the sun, moon, stars, and the phenomena of lightning and rainbows inspired the arts of Africa for thousands of years.

Some 90 works of art are featured in the first major exhibition and publication that explore the historical legacy of African cultural astronomy and the ways that celestial bodies and phenomena, such as rainbows and eclipses, serve as inspiration and symbol in the creation of Africa’s traditional and contemporary arts. Observations of the heavens are part of the knowledge that informs artistic expression and ritual practice in African cultures. Far from abstract, African ideas about the universe are intensely personal and place human beings in relationships with the earth, sky, and celestial bodies. –

Video: Marcus Neustetter b. 1976, South Africa Chasing Light 2010 Digital projection National Museum of African Art

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