Secession Announce Lecia Dole-Recio Exhibition

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Secession present work by Lecia-Dole Recio 2 December 2011–5 February 2012.

At the center of Lecia Dole-Recio’s paintings stands the materiality of the support medium, which she subjects to both surface and interventive manipulation. Instead of relying solely on prefabricated canvases for her works, Dole-Recio creates her own surfaces: using glue, she collages paper, various kinds of cardboard, and parchment to produce a substratum on which she then layers color, and after this painterly treatment she deconstructs the result by cutting it to pieces. The saturation and composition of the colors and the constructivist appeal of the brushwork contribute as much to the quality of her work as the depth of the positive and negative spaces she uncovers with the knife. The artist transforms the support media of her paintings into figuratively as well as literally multilayered constructions that defy unambiguous categorization. They forcefully suggest architecture, urban ensembles seen in a bird’s eye view, mapping. But the arrangements of colors, materials, and spaces also bring music to mind, models for the orchestration of musical experiments whose rhythmic composition is inspired by the depths of painting. For her exhibition in the Secession’s Grafisches Kabinett, Lecia Dole-Recio is developing a new series of works.

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