Secession announces Rudolf Stingel exhibition

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Secession announces an exhibition of work by Rudolf Stingel on view February 23–April 15, 2012. Opening: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 7pm.

For more than twenty years, Rudolf Stingel’s works have interrogated the concept of painting and expanded its definition. In the 1980s, he demystified the image of the artist as an inspired inventor, which was then still widely held, by publishing a book entitled “Instructions / Istruzioni / Anleitung” that revealed how his abstract paintings were made and included directions enabling anyone to imitate them.

In addition to the classical means of painting, such as paint and canvas, Stingel employs industrial materials like insulation panels, styrofoam, carpeting, and potter’s clay. Since the early 1990s, he has used these materials to “carpet” now the floors, now the walls of exhibition rooms, in a significant contribution that has defined the contemporary debate over the relationship between painting and space. Lined with a monochrome carpet or silvery insulation panels, space itself becomes the support medium of “painting,” or rather, of monochrome color. The artist’s interest in the materials he employs also extends to their specific surface qualities and the ways in which they can be modulated: impressions left on a carpet can easily be obliterated, restoring a tabula rasa sort of state, whereas the graffiti-like engravings in the insulation panels are lasting traces of human interaction.

In 2005, Stingel created a portrait of his gallerist, Paula Cooper, adding this classical genre to his otherwise abstract oeuvre in a new branch of his oeuvre that has since grown into a series of photorealistic self-portraits in shades of gray based on b&w photographs.

At the Secession, Rudolf Stingel presents a project conceived specifically for this context.
Rudolf Stingel, who was born in Meran (IT) in 1956, lives and works in New York (USA) and Meran (IT).

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