Sweden’s Nationalmuseum Presents The Peredvizhniki. Pioneers of Russian Painting

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The Nationalmuseum in Sweden presents The Peredvizhniki – Pioneers of Russian Painting an exhibition on view through22 January 2012.

Ilya Repin, Barge-haulers on the Volga, 1870-73 Oil on canvas State Russian Museum © 2011, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

This is the first large-scale exhibition in Sweden of works by members of the Russian group known as the Peredvizhniki. The group was founded in 1870 in protest at the conservative attitudes of Russia’s Imperial Academy of Art. Its members used realist techniques to portray contemporary Russian society and to highlight social and political injustices. They organized travelling exhibitions around the country to take art to the people. Since the late 19th century the Peredvizhniki have enjoyed huge popularity in Russia, but they remain little known abroad. Thanks to the generosity of the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, and the Russian Museum, St Petersburg, in providing works on loan, Nationalmuseum is able this autumn to present a comprehensive survey of the group’s art. The exhibition, focusing on the 1870–1910 period, will comprise three rooms and four cabinets featuring around 100 paintings and drawings on a variety of subjects. – www.nationalmuseum.se

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