Texas Lakes Trail Heritage Exhibition at The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center

. January 20, 2013

Cynthia Ann and Quanah Parker are two important names in U.S. frontier history. Much can to be learned from the dramatic story of these two courageous individuals. In 1836, a Comanche raiding party took Cynthia Ann from her family and over the following years, she became wife to a Comanche chief and mother to children, including Quanah. After Cynthia Ann was “rescued back to white society” by Texas Rangers, Quanah became one of the most important Comanche leaders both in war and peace. The Texas Lakes Trail Program recognizes the importance of their life stories and is initiating this effort to tell both youths and adults about these two persons and about the many significant places in Texas and Oklahoma important to knowing about their lives.

This exhibit seeks to educate the public about Comanche heritage through presenting the dramatic story of Quanah Parker and his mother Cynthia Ann through a series of photos seldom brought together in a single place. It is also seeks to make people aware of the many historic sites associated with the lives of these two persons. The photo exhibit and the Cynthia Ann and Quanah Parker Trail are designed to tell this story of the lives of these two persons caught between two different worlds. The Lakes Trail Program views this exhibit as the first step toward creating a traveling education exhibit and a heritage tourism program which uses the lives of these two persons to explain the complex story of a frontier era which involved great tragedies and deep human love as well as dramatic changes affecting large areas of both Texas and Oklahoma.

Special recognition must be given to the Comanche Nation and the many members of the Parker family for keeping this story alive and sharing materials and information. Ben Tahmahkera, great great grandson of Quanah, has provided special inspiration for the project. This exhibit is the beginning of an effort to bring more attention to the important Native American heritage in our region.

The Texas Lakes Trail Region is one of the ten regional Heritage Trails programs created through the Texas Historical Commission. For more information about the exhibit, please contact the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center at (580) 252-6692, info(at)onthechisholmtrail(dot)com or http://www.onthechisholmtrail.com. Visit our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/onthechisholmtrail.

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