The 5th Shanghai International Top Edible Oil & Olive Oil Exhibition 2015

. January 10, 2015

With China’s economic development rapidly, people’s living standards greatly improved, Chinese’s edible oil consumption is changing a lot. The requirements of the edible oil for every day dinner are changing from quantity to nutrition and health at the same time. Some new varieties of edible oil arises at the historic moment, which not only has the demanded nutrition but also the great effect for prevention and control of diseases like Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease. It has shown from relevant data, the market capacity of the high-end edible oil in China will reach up to 100 billion Yuan in 2015. China’s edible oil market will be expanding at the rate of 80% every year, which is a considerable market prospect. TOP OIL CHINA Purchasing Trade Fair has been successfully held by Golden Commercial for several times. and gained a huge success. The exhibition has attracted nearly two hundreds of edible OIL, spices and outstanding suppliers in the field of food ingredients from more than 40 countries and regions globally. Exhibitors include MUELOLIVA, BETIS, Andasaludsia, Greens, KANIYA, Kingmas, Athena, Olivolia, LAMASIA, Doolley, BORGES, Haishi, Golden Arowana, Fortune, LUHUA, Holiday, YOWON and numerous well-known enterprises at home and abroad, as well as importers. During the exhibition, it attracted nearly ten thousand edible oil, spices, and professional buyers in the food ingredients field to attend the forum. During the exhibition, several forums also caused a lot of attention. The “Oriental pearl” -Shanghai, which is China’s the largest economic, cultural, financial center, is also the international famous food center. It has the extremely important status in China’s economic development. The successful holding of 2010 World expo in Shanghai and the establishment of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone have made the city stand on a higher level in economy, culture and technology. Depending on the huge market demand of Shanghai city, the exhibition will be fully built into the top-influential Edible oil and Food Ingredients pageant. On the basis of the original it will greatly enhance the exhibition scale, the level and professional buyers invitation. It is estimated that the scale and quantity of the visitors will be much up; Exhibitors will be up by 80% in 2014. Professional visitors will be up by 220%.

Trade Platform
In order to set up a promoting, showcasing & cooperation platform and good marketing tools for global Edible oil, spices and food ingredients enterprises. Golden Commercial together with relevant departments will hold the 5th Shanghai International Top Edible Oil & Olive oil Exhibition 2015 on June 10-12, 2015, Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China. The exhibition will gather manufacturers, traders, importers, supermarkets, hotels, catering, aviation, and railway catering chain related businesses. The exhibition aims to increase understanding and friendship among supply enterprises and industrial buyers, business and supermarket hotels, catering procurement management department and push forward mutual benefits between suppliers and purchasers. In addition, The 4th Shanghai International Import and Export Food& Beverage exhibition and The 13th Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition will be held at the same time.

•High-end edible oil: corn oil, sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, canola oil, safflower oil, wild tea oil, palm oil, linseed oil, walnut oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, almond oil, Perilla oil, sesame oil, etc.
•Imported olive oil: extra virgin olive oil, PDO extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic PDO extra virgin olive oil, etc.
•Dietary supplement oil: rapeseed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil and cottonseed oil, etc.
•Extended high-end edible oil products: skincare, hairdressing, beauty products based on high-end edible oil.
•High-end edible oil service: labeling, packaging and printing, packaging design, advertising design, brand promotion, etc.

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