Toronto Trade Show Displays Experts, Xzibit Solutions, Now Offering Full Service Project Management

. April 7, 2012

Companies across Canada can now rest assured that their trade show events will be carried out seamlessly. Toronto trade show displays experts Xzibit Solutions have introduced a new full service project management solution that begins with pinpoint show coordination and concludes with professional dismantling and storage of all event architecture.

One of the main difficulties involved in attending trade show events is ensuring that all event processes are completed with an eye on improving the promotional value of attending the show. With a professional and experienced specialist by their side every step of the way, companies will become well positioned for great success with their at-event activities. This new service from Xzibit Solutions begins with show coordination. Each customer will receive the full attention of the company’s in-house event management team who will help them handle all initial planning processes such as scheduling the event, ordering products and managing labor costs. During this beginning stage the team at Xzibit will also offer quick responses to any questions the client might have about their event requirements.

The second element in this service concerns the design of the clients’ display architecture. Xzibit employs industry-renowned design specialists who are adept at utilizing the latest systems in order to create an outstanding visual impact. Xzibit has the resources to find the requisite display products that ensure Toronto companies achieve trade show displays that help them find the spotlight during the event.

Once the event begins, clients don’t want to have to worry about the set-up of the architecture. They need as much time as possible to interact with potential customers and build leads at the event. That’s why Xzibit also includes professional equipment set up and dismantling within their new service offering.

It’s the worry-free way to tackle the next big event for the business. To learn more about the new project management service offered by Xzibit Solutions, please contact their in-house team today or visit

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