Trade Show Emporium Launches Twist Counters

. November 27, 2012

Twist Counters are beginning to be the new “it” display counter for trade show goers and is now available at Trade Show Emporium. The Twist Counters are one of the easiest to use out on the market right now. You literally “twist” the counter itself into place. No tools are needed to set up the counter, so as a trade show goer, you do not have to worry about carrying heavy tools around.

But something that trade show goers are noticing about the Twist Counter products is that they are put at an extremely great price point. The product is durable and extremely easy to ship and travel. The product can fit into a standard shipping case so, unlike most trade show counters; the shipper can avoid oversize charges.
To make the Twist Counter look even more, “custom” you can include Twist Graphic panels. The panels can be printed with any graphic under the sun. So, logos, product pictures or slogans would dress up any Twist Counter.

Trade shows tend to be a huge hassle as far as making sure all items are shipped, on time, include all parts necessary to make your exhibit work and then the set up itself. However, the Twist Counter keeps the hassle to a minimum. With the durable base and twist on counter top, it is becoming a trade show must-have.

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